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Tailored Events

Interested in a tailored event?

The Entheos Trust can offer a tailored event aimed for your church, your church leaders, or a group of leaders in your area. Whilst we have run generic events, we love to come and facilitate change in your context recognising one size or model does not fit all.

 Rev Richard Hardy
  • Explore ideas for reaching community
  • How Social Media can assist reaching out
  • Church weekends
  • Church services
  • Church leaders
  • Church Parent and Toddler workers

Email mail@theentheostrust.org to enquire about running an event in your area.

 Rev Richard Hardy
Encouraging Leaders
Enabling Churches
Engaging Community

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“Motivating - Practical - Enjoyable”

“Encouraging and thought provoking day”

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Please e-mail to request an event near you.